Ed Oldenburg is an idiosyncratic inventor from a small village in the Netherlands. His fantastical works are loaded with imagination. He works in a very personal way, he understands the art of doing magic with materials. His expanding universe with extraordinary constructions must be seen.  

Ed's creations are built from parts of discarded consumer goods, machines and installations. They are quiet witnesses of love and suffering. During their functional lives they absorbed the power and spirit of the designer, the engineer, the assembler, the mechanic and the user. They are the building blocks of my designs. He calls them ‘soul accumulators’. The original owners had to save money to buy them, were given them as a present, had been looking forward to owning them, had laid awake at night because of their first damage, had built a garage for them, had gotten time off because of them. Because he respects the materials he use, they allow him to assemble them into designs of character. Forever storing the soul of objects is important for him.